Hench (2019)

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Take 2 straight lads after a hard gym session, give em a couple of swift ones in the bar and fucking hell all lets loose. After TommyGunsXXX original audition (included in Hench) Tommy brings his pal JDXXX round to see what we think of him, fuck us when he walked in even our cameras shot their muck! Built like a brick shit house and covered in proper man tattoos he just looked like he’d finished doing the doors at JDwetherspoon.com Bouncing! Now when we say the size of a Budweiser Canny this geezer dwarfs it, how its possible to get it in your gob we just dont know, but r Tommy has a good go for his first time and it aint long before these two are throwing each other all over the place in proper British Bloke style man oin man action, its one fucking Summer treat in-fact its fucking Hench’


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