Road Trip with Tracy Smothers & Paul London (2020)

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In a effort to save money most wrestlers will travel with other wrestlers. Sometimes the conversations on the way to shows are far more entertaining than anything on the show that night. In a effort to capture that type of magic we got the to best people for the job, Paul London and Tracy Smothers. Paul London continues on with his “On the Bear Skin Rug” tour and Tracy Smothers is along for the ride. Both these men are highly opinionated and share common interests, friends and experiences. Watching this interview makes you feel like you in the car with both these men as they make the 3 hour drive to a show in Danville, West Virginia. Its a can’t miss interview if your a fan of either man. No punches are pulled and even at certain points during the trip they ask, “Who else can we knock?” The cameras are there to document it all as it happens.


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